Frequently Asked Questions

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1. My online payment of property tax got interrupted and I am unable to make new payment also. What to do?
Your first payment attempt status needs to be updated before attempting for second time. You can try update the status after 45 minutes by following the link 'Payment Interrupted?' on the Pay Tax Online page by providing the reference number and assessment number. Cashiers of the concerned municipality may also update the status on next working day, if already not updated.
2. Online tax payment failed but account has been debited. What to do?
In few cases this may happen like corporate account (maker/checker type) transactions. Please do not make another payment. After reconciliation with bank for such transactions, receipt downloading shall be enabled within 5 working days (intimated by SMS). Download the receipt using 'Payment Interrupted?' link available on 'Pay Tax Online' page.
3. Are there any charges applicable for online tax payment?
Yes. Please refer the URL -
4. While attempting to login after four months of inactivity, I am getting message 'Your user account is not approved or deactivated'. How do I login again?
Assessee may use forgot password option to activate account. Department users may contact department head.